Art-Car design project by Alexander Milov
"The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek" -Joseph J.Campbell
The main mission of the project is to awaken a taste for life in people
Based on images taken from various legends and fairy tales of the world, show the relationship between the mythical worldview of our ancestors and the psychology of modern society. Using modern technologies, trace the basic values ​​that unite the various cultures of the planet, the foundation and engine of which is the union between a man and a woman.

A union that is deteriorating today, but the only one physically and spiritually capable of continuing life, regardless of religion and personal gender self-identification of each individual person. The project will figuratively depict all stages of the formation of personality, family and society, recalling the basic algorithm of the life cycle and the basic elements of human happiness, unshakable throughout the development of civilization.

My goal is to assemble the best team and go on an adventure during which a new legend will be born, and our example will inspire everyone to become heroes of their own lives for a long time

Alexander Milov

Author of the project

Weight and dimensions
Exterior description
Physically, the “Tree of Life” consists of two tree trunks, covered with snake skin instead of bark, braided into a spiral with horizontal crosspieces, visually reminiscent of the DNA code. The trunks themselves, like the minora, are divided into 24 branches and end at the ends with the heads of the male genitals, from which fire comes. The spiral “Staircase to Heaven” formed by DNA rungs pulsates with light and at the end turns into a light beam extending several kilometers into the sky. It flows from a golden cup held by two snakes entwined around it. All this as a whole is the phallic part of the image.
At the base of the tree there is a woman’s womb - the “Portal of Rebirth”, the rim of which looks like a luminous dial displaying the “Hero’s Path” - the stages of personal transformation that every person goes through during life. The portal is framed by “Ouroboros” - a snake eating itself by the tail, the skin of which covers the inner surface of the tunnel leading to the opposite side of the Art Car. At the joints of the scales there are closed and open vaginas with a dragon's eye inside. The tunnel is blocked by a luminous door rotating around its axis - DNA. The axis of the door is a symbolic black “needle”, which from the outside will symbolize the snake’s pupil, and the entire portal as a whole - the eye of the Dragon.

On both sides of the portal, there are naked figures of Caryatids and Atlas (women and men), they support the overhanging cornice - the DJ tabletop and the towers that limit it - male and female energy. Behind the figures, slits in the surface of the facades glow in the form of symbols of the four elements. The entire facade as a whole is made in a chthonic and archaic spirit with lamp lighting close to live fire.

Having passed through the “Portal of Rebirth” we find ourselves on the back side of the car, which, on the contrary, is all illuminated with cold blue light and is made in a cyber-punk style. After the solemn-ritual facade, the viewer should have the feeling that he has entered through a shabby back door into a distant post-apocalyptic future.

On the back side of the portal there is a bifurcated staircase leading to the men's and women's dance floors located in the bow and stern of the car. They are made in the form of a female and male head, which from the facade look like skulls and from the opposite side like the faces of android robots. They are framed by six-pointed crown-rails. There are 12 ends in total and each of them is a totem pole, a sanctuary of one of 12 archetypes.
The dance floors communicate with each other through the ceremonial DJ pedestal, from where the Tree of Life grows. Above both dance floors there are open head covers that will carry the sound system and digital screens. Video art reflecting the philosophy of the project will be projected in them. (The frames are made in the style of a railing, and are a radial metal truss that keeps the wood from resonating while the machine is moving.)
The ceremonial pedestal is the place of execution. Towers above everyone but is under the main symbol. Its two entrances are designated by the totemic sanctuaries of the male and female essence (in which the DJ monitors are located). Everyone will be able to place offerings and incense there, as in all totem poles dedicated to archetypes. The place of the DJ and his “apostles” is limited by the “limit” - a partition following the shape of the infinity symbol glowing on the floor. In the center at the base of the tree there is a place for marriage and baptism ceremonies.

The DJ and the “apostles” will perform located around a long table, in stylized clothes and from the side resembling the image of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. A projection based on his own drawing of the Vitruvian Man will be broadcast in the background.

Aerialists hanging from vines will dance above the centers of the dance floors. For burners hanging out around the ort car, there are sofas located on the front of the car and two bars on its back side. One bar with living water, which will be poured by a male android from a hose that is his penis, and a second bar with dead water, which will be poured by a female android from her lush breasts.
Show concept and schedule
The program is based on a monomyth - the structure of any dramatic story telling about the hero's journey. It is compared with world religions, zodiac signs, archetypes of human behavior, stages of growing up, seasons, days, the structure of music and light. This allows the viewer to rethink and realize the common truths, reminding him who he is and what ordinary human happiness is.

The show program will be created by an international team of artists and neural networks. It will be divided into stages over seven days:

  • Monday
    Birth, parallels between the development of the embryo and the evolution of species before the appearance of man. Air. Winter spring. Colors blue-blue. Dawn. 6:00-8:00
  • Tuesday
    Childhood, first experience, knowledge and dreams. Comparing and contrasting the development of a boy and a girl and their interests before meeting love. Water. Spring Summer. Colors blue-green. Morning. 8:00-10:00

  • Wednesday
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
  • Thursday
    Middle age crisis. Concentration on yourself. Self-destruction and self-search, acceptance and goal determination. Fire. The colors are yellow and orange (until incandescent). Day. 12:00-14:00
  • Friday
    Maturity. Return to the dream. Believe in yourself. Error correction. Collaboration is friendship. Production. Test by temptations, power and glory. Orange - red. Afternoon. 14:00-16:00

  • Saturday
    Old age. Transfer of experience. Wisdom and magic. Ritualization of processes. Religion. Spirituality. Education. New technologies. Streams. The Dragon. Red, purple. Evening - sunset. 16:00-18:00
  • Sunday
    Death. A full range of memories from the past to the future. The Hero's Path. Archetypes of thinking. Night. Honoring ancestors. Purple, blue. It all ends with dawn.
Compass of Life
Action plan:
Stage one
September 2023 / October 2024
Development of a preliminary design, selection of a team, preliminary calculation.
Development of a detailed design, calculation of estimates and risks, search for founders.
Purchase of a platform and equipment, transportation of everything to Mexico and Bali.
Reconstruction of the platform, assembly of power and gas systems in Mexico.
Welding the supporting frame in Bali, monitoring its connection to the platform.
Modeling of the Tree of Life and other decor, molding and casting of panels.

Production of decorative light and its integration into panels.
Control assembly and tests of finished work in Bali and Mexico.
Logistics from Bali and Mexico to the USA, to a prepared site.
Assembling decor with functionality, fitting and control test party.
Dismantling, transportation to Bern and assembly in the desert. Camp assembly
Burning Maine. Seven days of the program. Filming and online broadcasting of content
Dismantling of the vehicle and camp, transportation and assembly at the exhibition site. Party.
Burning Man
Stage Two
2024 / 2025
2024 /Autumn
Searching for partners, organizing a tour, developing and producing merchandise.
2024 / 25 / Winter
Launch of an online advertising campaign for the tour, selling tickets and merchandise
2025/Spring /Summer
Tour of the USA, lectures and parties, sale of merch and related products.
2025 /Autumn
Final of the tour at Berning Man 2025.
Black Rock City
Stage Three
2025 / 2026
2024 /2026
Release of Books, films and attributes of religion. Restart for the entire ball.
    Project Producer
  • Alexey Ignatenko
    Engineer and Production Manager in Mexico
  • Gede Sarantika
    Artist and director
    Production in Bali
  • Alexander Milov
    Ideologist and project manager
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