Composition "Archangel" or "The Door of Paradise". Odessa 2017.

The spatial composition is integrated into the building and represents a curved metal cage in the form of a human figure with wings behind its back and a halo on its head, sitting in a lotus position with a sword on its knees and a smartphone in its hands, the screen of which is reflected in the hero’s round glasses.

Did God create man or did man create god? Unknown. The only thing that is clear is that regardless of religion, everyone gets in life what they believe in. Each person is the creator of his own universe and it is in his power to choose to play other people's games or create his own.
Everything that we have in the common reality has its creator. These are ordinary people who have realized their dream and are overgrown with legends. Being inspired by their destinies and using all the benefits that mankind has created, every day each of us has a chance to change the world. Despite this, we live within the bounds of our faith and wearing blue glasses is wasting time.
A mobile phone is the pinnacle of human thought and modern technology. He is the portal from which the world enters us and we into the world. Whether it is constructive or destructive depends only on our interests and desires.
We constantly hold it in our hands as a personal door to heaven, the key to which is faith in ourselves. Only it distinguishes the creator from the consumer.

The screen of a mobile phone shows the real time, which is reflected in the glasses and for the viewer it looks like going in the opposite direction. The viewpoint is marked on the opposite side of the road.

At night, the light in the keyhole turns on and the LED illumination of the entire composition is turned on. It represents a smooth flow of color within the RGB palette. The halo is illuminated by additional spotlights located on the back of the glasses.

Height - 20.0 m
Width - 22.0 m
Depth - 13.0 m
Height, taking into account the height of the building - 33.0 m
Weight without support structure - 10,400 kg

Steel pipe - 89 mm / 3 mm.
Mirror. LED backlight.
Paint and primer two-component. Color blue with white.

At the beginning of 2016, the management of the Odessa plant "Stalkanat" announced the creation of the creative association "Stalkanat-Art", which planned to organize art workshops and co-working. To create an Art object formulating the idea of ​​unification, Alexander Milov was involved, who was tasked with opening the monument by November 21.
Since on this date, in many countries, the day of the Archangel Michael is celebrated, the author suggested creating his image but making it relevant by adding a smartphone to his hands. This connected the divine with modern technology and pointed to the supernatural abilities of man and the simultaneous obsession with the material. A phone with a logo in the form of a door hole symbolized the entrance to your own paradise, and the clock reflecting back - the passing time.
The sculpture was created by the date, but the association did not work, in connection with which the building was put up for sale and now the author is looking for a new place for the composition in which it will be needed.

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