Monumental sculpture project for
Burning Man 2022
7 years ago my wife and I brought to the Burning Man festival LOVE sculpture, reflecting our conflict , the sculpture resonated in the heart of millions of people all over the world. This didn't help us and we lost our marriage, but we managed to find a way out of the cage. Having said a farewell to frustrated expectations we pulled ourselves together and set ourselves free to come back with good news.
Alexandr Milov

The adults in the form of the cages reflect the human ego, life experience, social frames and the culture of humanity on the whole. The gate in their chests in the form of the hearts symbolises love - the only way to our souls. The lit up children , opening the gate are embodiment of sincerity, curiosity, immediacy and will- as the strength of the will and will to live . All the figures are interconnected, pointing to the importance of mutual support and understanding between the generations , that are instilled not only by bringing up the kids, but also by the ability to learn from them.
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